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Influencers vs Content creators

Welcome to digital marketing in 2018: voice search has taken over the internet, a yodelling kid has gone viral and brands are STILL clueless when it comes to working with internet personas. The term ‘influencer’ is one that has been used over previous years as people who can help influence their audience.

But is it time to retire self-titled ‘influencers’ ?  How can content creators add to your digital strategy?

An influencer is a person or group that has the ability to influence the behaviour or opinions of others.

content creator is a person who creates original content for use mostly on online platforms. They are responsible for creating content such as writing blogs, photography, video and video editing, graphic design and so forth.


Creators can be influential

Using influencers to promote your brand or product typically means you’re working with someone who has influence – meaning leveraging their followers is hugely important. Working with content creators means leveraging creativity – and giving the ‘artist’ freedom to create something special. Much of the time a ‘content creator’ holds quite a lot of influence too. So although they don’t fall into the stereotypical ‘influencer’ category – they have highly engaged fan bases.


Authentic connections to brands

When working with influencers, the influencer’s job is typically to share your brand or product on their channels, making use of their followers. The more people who see, the better, right? Wrong! When working with a ‘content creator’, authentic connection to your brand can be made, when they’re given creative freedom. There’s no point in prescribing exactly what you want (you may as well set up a shoot and art direct it yourself). Instead, set parameters and let them work their magic.


Audiences are recognizing promotion

Audiences are becoming more and more switched on to marketing material. They can see straight through an inauthentic partnership with an influencer. A beautifully crafted piece of content is much more effective than this. Working with content creators means you can fill your own channel with brilliant content – giving people a reason to follow you too. So make sure content is authentic and true to the creators own style.


Great examples of content creators at work


Sara Shakeel’s impressive work get’s noticed by brands

@SweatyBetty worked with Katie Willcox to create this cute mother & daughter image

Kid size or Mum size, we’ve got you covered @katiehwillcox #sbminime

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@MacCosmetics use Instagram makeup artists to help promote their work

Both influencers and content creators add different spins to your digital campaign. Influencers add audience, content creators add creativity. It’s worth considering leveraging both for your brand. What are your thoughts on influencers vs. content creators?

By Ruby Lowe