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5 Tips for Creating the Best Facebook Content

Facebook timelines are filled to the brim with branded content. But how can your business craft content that not only stands out from the noise, but that really makes an impact? Read on for some crafty tips to make the best Facebook content.


1) Signposting

Facebook users are exposed to thousands of pieces of content each day – so you need to make sure yours is clear. Signposting the action that you want a user to take may sound simple, but it really works. For instance, if you want a user to listen to a video with sound – tell them to turn their sound on! If you want a user to screenshot your post for later – tell them to screenshot it! If you want users to share your post – ask them to. It’s such a simple addition to content that can improve engagement on any post – and make the experience more enjoyable for the user.


2) Know why you are posting something

It can be very easy to post for the sake of posting if you’re a business on Facebook. The algorithms can become tiresome and sometimes it can feel like your only option is to post continuously in the hope that at least one post will catch on. But this is never a good option – instead, you should decide the actions you’re looking for from your user. If you want more traffic to your site, focus on link posts. If you’re looking for your audience to engage but also click through to your site, why not use video-link posts? Before creating content, remember to consider why you’re posting content in the first place, and sculpt your Facebook content from here.


3) Video content

There has been a huge shift in content over the past two years – it’s ALL about video. Can you remember the last time you went on Facebook and didn’t watch a video clip, be it long or short form?

People expect to see video content on Facebook, so why not give the audience what they want? Facebook are also more likely to show your content on newsfeeds, as it has been reported that Facebook favour video content over any other type of media.


4) Ask your fans

We’re all on the quest for engagement on Facebook – and the best way to achieve it? Ask for it!

Facebook posts are a fantastic place to ask your audience their opinions. Not only does this give you an opportunity to create a conversation with your fans, but it will also engage them and get them thinking about your brand. I will put a disclaimer on this point, however – it is easy to push this engagement-style content too far. Remember that not every post needs to be hammering engagement, so keep it relevant.


5) Don’t be afraid to repost!

It’s okay to recycle content that you’ve posted before. The way that Facebook chooses to show users content is mysterious (that darn algorithm!), but it means that there are whole segments of your audience who haven’t yet seen certain pieces of your content. Reshare to your heart’s content!

I’d love to see examples of content that you think is great on Facebook, tweet me @rubyl0ve or @iSocial!

By Ruby Lowe