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Snapchat Is The Fastest Growing Social Media App

Global Web Index has released an infographic of the fastest growing social media apps of 2014, with Snapchat possessing the fastest growing audience up  57% between Q1 and Q4 2014. With Facebook’s new Facebook Messenger app coming in at second place with an increase of 50%, alongside Instagram and Pinterest both joint third place with 43% growth.
With 15% of all teens owning the app worldwide, the famous ghost media sharing app is most popular in the UK amongst 39% of teens, closely followed by Swedish (37%) and American (35%) teens.

This comes as great news to investors, who have funded more than $485m into the social media app, valuing the company in the region of $10 million. 

The popularity of Snapchat among such a niche target audience, has prompted various brands incorporating Snapchat into their social media strategies for an extremely cost effective marketing communications strategy, including Lacoste and McDonald’s amongst the pioneers. 

As a result, Snapchat has consequently been prompted to introduce a new discover feature which is sponsoring specific brands, where Snapchat is said to be asking brands to advertise for $750,000 each.