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5 Ways To Use Tinder For Business

Social networking dating app – Tinder – has arguably revolutionised user experience across mobile apps in a range of industries across the globe.

Their rapid growth and high level of daily user engagement has resulted in the app gaining over 50 million users worldwide.

With this infamous app – specifically amongst millennials – known across the globe for revolutionising online dating, we thought we’d put a spin on things, and put together five ways it could be used for business.

1) Networking

Whether your objective is to find your soulmate or just a ‘quick fix’, there’s no doubt the power Tinder has to network and reach likeminded individuals within your desired radius.

Traditionally, networking’s value comes from meeting people face to face, however, the value of Tinder allows a digital alternative with the personal and intimate approach that other online networking sites can’t offer.


2) Recruiting

Tinder can also be used as a great recruitment tool for small-to-medium sized businesses. When setting up your Tinder profile, it is automatically linked to your Facebook account, and in some cases displays your Facebook info, like interests, favourite music and job title!

Displaying your job title in your profile is a great ice-breaker and potentially a talking point for your current job aspirations and future career goals.


3) Closing Deals

The beauty of Tinder, is that you never know who you might meet. Everyone is swiping for different reasons that might not necessarily involve love.

Meet someone at the right time, ask all of the right questions and you never know what type of deals you can close – not speaking from experience obviously.


4) Brand Awareness

Another great way to utilise Tinder and it’s fantastic features is to promote your brand and what you do. Conversation starters usually involved what you do and where you’re from.

The perfect sneaky opportunity to promote your business and it’s USP’s.


5) Cost-effective

The great thing about all of the above – its free! Unless obviously you want to take your ‘networking’ strategy to stalker level 100. The only cost being time, and time is money.

By Chris Kyriacou


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