Social Media Ads

Social media ads are a cost-effective digital marketing tactic that can increase brand awareness, engagement and most importantly conversions.

We’ve got extensive experience working with a variety of brands in a real mix of industries utilising social media ads on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to their full potential.

Have a look at some of the results we achieved with Wicked Uncle.

The Client

Marketing leading online toy store Wicked Uncle.

Our Brief

  • Ÿ Turn Facebook into a consistent sales channel driving conversions
  •  Capitalise on the large amount of website traffic with Facebook retargeting ads


  • We created a series of videos that displayed the best selling products on the website
  • Retargeting customers that have previously visited with these videos when they go onto Facebook


  • 150% increase in turnover from the previous year!
  • 25p cost per link click through Facebook ads!
  • 1150% ROI from Facebook Ad spend!

Not getting a return on investment from your social media ads? Feel free to drop Chris a line [email protected] or get in touch here.