Digital Marketing Mix

Some clients come to us in the infancy of their start-up with little to no marketing team.

We’ve been more than happy to provide a 360 digital marketing strategy taking full control of email, social media, website, PPC and more. Check out what we did with The Marvellous Meat Co below.

The Client

Online butcher specialising in Grass-fed Sussex Beef delivering straight to your door.

Our Brief

  • Ÿ Increase traffic to the shop page.
  •  Improve the basket to checkout conversion ratio.
  • Ÿ Increase presence on social media and create a meat-loving community.


  • We fine tuned their digital strategy across their website, email, social media and Google Adwords campaigns.


  • 175% increase in website traffic!
  • 4 x increase in mobile revenue!
  • 5,000+ increase in Twitter followers and 4,000+ Facebook likes!
  • 235% sales increase!

Not getting a return on investment from your social media ads? Feel free to drop me Chris line [email protected] or get in touch here.