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The secrets behind who is viewing your Instagram stories

In 2016 Instagram introduced stories, the images and videos that are uploaded and deleted after 24 hours.  The trend was already being used on social platform Snapchat and ready to be introduced on more such as Facebook and WhatsApp. Other than posting and viewing stories there was one other thing that people couldn’t get enough off. After posting an Instagram story you knew you will inevitably be looking to see who has viewed it.

Five minutes after you post a story on Instagram I bet you are looking down the list of viewers seeing who’s at the top, you’ll swipe up and down to see whose eyes have seen your video but really there is one or maybe two people that you are looking for in particular?

Now go on your phone and look at the viewers of the last story you uploaded, whose names are at the top of the list?  Don’t be fooled these are not ranked in chronological order. Are they your best friends? Your boyfriend or girlfriend? Family? Or is it that person you wanted to view your story in the first place. I bet you’re wondering if this list of viewers isn’t in a chronological order then what order is it in? How does Instagram know who I am thinking about? Who I’m talking to at the moment? Well, there are a few theories behind it and I’m going to tell you which ones are false and which could be true.

They are your stalkers

It’s those people who are viewing your profile without necessarily engaging with the content. So yeah basically your stalkers. Reddit tested this theory and from their results, they are happy to conclude that it’s true. So since your crush or your besties are appearing at the top of your list then this could well be why. BUT…if you have believed this theory, and you are over the moon that the guy/girl you like is stalking you well, hold your horses because it might not be the case.

It’s a mixture

Others are convinced that there are a few ingredients that make up the magic list. Independent says that it is based on those you have the most activity and engagement with. It’s Instagram showing you what they think you would most likely want to see. It even states that it could partly have something to do with interactions outside of the app. The theory makes complete sense and can explain why some of the people at the top of your Instagram story viewers are there.

The people who YOU interact with

That’s right I said you! This last theory from sweaty wisdom suggests it’s the people that you are communicating with the most, the people you DM the most and the people whose profiles you are most frequently visiting. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense and although you may not want to hear it the reason why the people you care about most are appearing at the top of your view list, isn’t because they are stalking you but because you are stalking them.


Those are the theories out there and since Instagram want to keep this one a secret I guess we will never know the complete truth…yet! I know you will still be checking up on those viewers but don’t let the order baffle you too much.

Elena Georgiou