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The Life of an Influencer

People have always looked up to others, nowadays we look down on our phones to decide who we want to look up to. We are given the opportunity to know more people through social media, without meeting them. In other words, people have become profiles and it is through these profiles that we judge them and decide if they are someone who inspires us.

With millions of users come millions of styles, attitudes, opinions, and lifestyles and therefore huge opportunities for people to be those who others look up to aka influencers. With this new and occurring title, many wonders and questions surface, here are some of them answered.

What skills do you need?

Realistically anyone can be an influencer old or young, qualifications or none, as explained above it’s a lifestyle and everyone has their own.  However, some skills can put people above others.

Patience is key; it doesn’t take five minutes to build a profile. Followers take time to become loyal to their role models and this is necessary for an influencer.

Cyndi explains how a creative mind is essential, she says that creativity is 50% of her work. There is an art to taking pictures and the right angle means everything as it can completely change the vibe of a picture. Creative captions are appreciated and give character and personality to the picture.


Does your whole life revolve around it?

I guess it depends on how dedicated and how ‘Insta famous” the influencer wants to be.

For people like Mayabee Arannya it’s longer than a 9-5 job, it’s her whole day, starting at five in the morning until ten at night. You don’t have to work in an office and you get to work independently but every action requires content, every outfit requires a tag and every location requires a mention.  There is pressure to keep your sponsors happy and ensure you are doing their brand justice.

On the other hand, some influencers are just good at it, whether they have sponsors or not they would be posting the same content, therefore, their lifestyle doesn’t change much.


What is the pressure of the job?

Elvira Bolat’s journal in the talks about the pressure of likes, influencers are dependent on people liking what they post to ensure their sponsors are happy and that they can get new ones. She continues to explain that influencers primary objective would be to post about what they like and represent who they are. However the more followers they gain the more pressure they are under. They are forced to turn their account from being about what they want to what their audience demand.

Most workers face some sort of pressure and being an influencer is a full-time job for some. Emma is an example, she expresses that some days she feels that there is no room for growth in her job. Along with this there is no motivation to continue if she cannot improve.  However, Emma further explains that it’s the little things that matter and push her to keep promoting and influencing.

It is evident that each influencer has their own benefits and challenges and these are reliant on the personal goals that they have and choose to pursue.

By Elena Georgiou